Types of Magic

This is a selection of different types of Magic and the related Arts.

Bizarre Magick - Often with a slightly spooky edge, myths and tales are woven around the strange effects. This can take the place of a mock seance, ghost story or any tale that may send a shiver down your spine.

Close-Up Magic - Often called 'Table Hopping' or 'Walk-about' this takes place at the dining table or in the hands of the audience. It involves small hand held props such as cards, coins and similar items.

Comedy Magic - Exactly what it says on the tin. Magic mixed with humour. May be stand-up, slapstick, adult or sophisticated depending upn the performer and the venue.

Escapology - The art of overcoming physical bonds, be it ropes, chains, boxes, prison cells and other challenges as a form of entertainment. The most famous exponent of this form was Houdini, though the term escapology was originally coined by Murray.

Kids Magic - Children's entertainers who usually have a loud, colourful and funny act sometimes including puppets, party games and songs as well as tricks and illusions appropriate to the age range.

Mentalism - Used by magicians who utilise magic tricks and psychology to create the impression of being able to predict the future, read your mind or move objects. They also exhibit other feats of ESP for entertainment purposes.

Parlour Magic - This is usually a combination of Close-Up and Stage Magic but at a scale appropriate for a small to medium sized group. As the name suggests it originates from performers appearing in peoples own homes.

Stage Magic - Also referred to as Cabaret. This is magic performed in front of a large group. From a small party to a large theatre show.

Ventriloquism - An 'allied art' giving the illusion of 'throwing your voice'.

Other Allied Arts - Clowns, Jugglers, Acrobats, Quick Change Artists and Balloon Modellers are often part of the Magic family.